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Tips to get traffic to your e-commerce website

Today is the world of online sales. We have developed many e-commerce solutions, be it custom e-commerce solutions or open source solutions like prestashop or magento.
One of the greatest challenges with ecommerce website is to build a strong link building strategy and to drive traffic to your website.

1.) Creating creative category pages
Category pages are one of the important pages. This is because it is these pages will be ranking for key head and mid-tail terms.

Solution to common Issues related to Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is an approach which facilitates easy reading and navigation across wide range of devices. This is done by using CSS3 media queries, which adjusts to the different layout and viewing device with proportional grids and flexible images.

1.)    Explaining RWD to clients

One of the major issues related to responsive web design is explaining clients what is responsive web design. Old processes were very linear and easy to understand.

One of the easiest and logical way to explain clients what is responsive design is by actually showing them what is responsive design. This can be done by use of tools like wireframing or alternatively you can sketch it to show it to them.

Tips to get recruited in the Web Industry

In order to get hired in the Web Industry, one needs to be a subject matter expert in their specific domain. As there are lots of candidates to choose from and you can better your chances of getting picked for the right position in the right company by following some basic pointers mentioned below:

Ideal Resume:

Your resume is your faceless introduction; it should highlight your credentials and achievements clearly. Be specific about your objectives and what you bring to the table. Interviewers always need to know how you can add value to their existing team. Mention all the projects that you were actively involved in. Focus on tasks which are relevant to the position you have applied for.

Building e-commerce website

E-Commerce has revolutionized the way we shop.

Selling online has various advantages over the existing conventional methods. The two major advantages are that you can easily reach the global audience and reach your target audience at any time. Where else can you find an option to shop at midnight? These in turn increase your sales opportunities.

How to proceed when you have finally decided to go ahead with setting up an e-commerce website for your products.


Prestashop 1.5 Features

New Modules API

This new feature can be of interest for both developers and shopkeepers.
This new feature facilitates shopkeepers by notifying when your store’s Prestashop modules have updates available.
And developers can roll out fixes and new features to their Prestashop modules without having to track down and tell users manually.


Tips on writing an effective creative brief for a website:

A creative brief is an important aspect of any designing project for a website, as it focuses on the outcome and goal of the design project. This is mainly for a web designer rather than the developer. As a client it’s imperative that you clearly state your expectations and achieve a superior quality of design as per your requirements. Many prefer to ask their web designers to create a brief to check if they have understood your objectives and are on the same page as you are where the look of the website is concerned. A creative brief is the main document for reference and facilitates the development of the project plan.

Some important tips to keep in mind while making a creative brief are:

Objective of the website:

This should plainly define the ultimate criteria of the website. It also defines the vision of your business.