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5 signs when you should consider a website revamp

1.)    Site is covered with tables

Earlier websites were mostly built using tables. This is not a very SEO friendly approach. This is because it is difficult for search engines to read the content. These days website are tableless and SEO friendly.



2.)    Programmer intervention needed for every little change

CMS driven websites are in boom.  A CMS or Content Management System gives website owners the ability to change the content of the website themselves. Consider getting your website revamped if you have to approach your web designer for every single small change.


3.)    Code Piled up

This happens when the code offered to you is bad and heavy or if you approach web designers (same or different) to make constant changes onwebsite over the period of time. The result is heavy code that is piled up by these updations.  It is at this time you must consider a website revamp.


4.)    Responsive and Mobile Friendly Websites

Statistics reveal that the number of users checking a website on mobile has increased. If your website does not display appropriately in different devices like tabs and mobiles, then you should probably consider a website revamp.


5.)    Lengthy Flash Integration

Flash takes time to load and also is not supported by some devices. Javascript/Jquery has taken its place. These are much faster than flash and is also compatible. If your website has flash and takes time to load then its time for you to revamp your website.


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