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Building e-commerce website

E-Commerce has revolutionized the way we shop.

Selling online has various advantages over the existing conventional methods. The two major advantages are that you can easily reach the global audience and reach your target audience at any time. Where else can you find an option to shop at midnight? These in turn increase your sales opportunities.

How to proceed when you have finally decided to go ahead with setting up an e-commerce website for your products.

You have two options to select from:

  A.)   Custom eCommerce Website

    1. 1.) When we say custom, it is specially designed as per your needs. In here, your exact details can be considered and we can develop a strategic solution to make the entire process simple.
    2. 2.) Multiple Site Management: With CMS driven website, you can manage several sites simultaneously
    3. 3.) Unique Site Design: The site design would be custom as per your needs. Without any restriction on the
    4. 4.) Personalization benefits: One of the benefits of custom website is client satisfaction because of personalization.
    5. 5.) Technologies used: .Net, php

 B.)    Open Source Website

Using open source CMS Solution can be easy on your pockets, but it will not have the personal touch. There are a plenty of options available for open source CMS, two of such options are:

    1.  1.) Prestashop
    2.  2.) Magento

Each of the above mentioned options are scalable, flexible and has its own set of features for business growth. Being a CMS driven e-commerce website, you can have options like add/remove products and many more.

But, why spend your precious time in coding your ecommerce website.

You can get in touch with http://www.ecreeds.com and free yourself from the assiduous job of coding.

Redon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can help develop a successful online business website which will make the transaction process extremely simple for your online users. Redon Solutions Pvt. Ltd. believes that a good quality website determines the triumph of its online business. With consumers increasingly getting technology savvy it is imperative for online business websites to upgrade.


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