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Prestashop 1.5 Features

New Modules API

This new feature can be of interest for both developers and shopkeepers.
This new feature facilitates shopkeepers by notifying when your store’s Prestashop modules have updates available.
And developers can roll out fixes and new features to their Prestashop modules without having to track down and tell users manually.

Provision to manually create and edit orders:

This module can be of interest to shopkeepers. Shopkeepers can now create orders directly from back end for orders they receive over phone.
Shopkeepers can also alter the customers cart order like adding products, apply one time discounts etc.

Installation Process Streamlined

You can opt out of the modules you do not require during the installation process itself. This thereby, would not unnecessarily slow down your site and also it would be less confusion the clients since they don’t get to see the useless features.

Multi-Store Management

You can now add multiple storefronts using a single back office.
It also provisions to keep different setting for different store fronts or  you can share some settings  in different store fronts.

Front Office Changes

The Prestashop team says it is going to improve areas such as order process and how product

Improved Shipping Management

Depending on the products and promotions in the catalog you can apply custom shipping policies.

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