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Solution to common Issues related to Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design is an approach which facilitates easy reading and navigation across wide range of devices. This is done by using CSS3 media queries, which adjusts to the different layout and viewing device with proportional grids and flexible images.

1.)    Explaining RWD to clients

One of the major issues related to responsive web design is explaining clients what is responsive web design. Old processes were very linear and easy to understand.

One of the easiest and logical way to explain clients what is responsive design is by actually showing them what is responsive design. This can be done by use of tools like wireframing or alternatively you can sketch it to show it to them.

2.)    Navigation

Earlier websites used menu navigation either on top or on left. This was given a thought when responsive layouts came into picture.

The solution is to use consistent design. Different design considerations need to be given a thought. Also test the navigation on as many devices as possible.

3.)    Converting Non Responsive sites

Converting an existing non-responsive site can be a challenge. It is advisable that your reengineer the site instead. This is because changing a site to responsive is not as easy as making few css changes.

The solution is to re-design the website rather than converting it.

 4.)   Old versions of Internet Explorer

This is the problem faced by many of the web designers. The lower versions of internet explorer do not support media queries.

Depending on the target audience the website targets, if you still wish to maintain your layout on older IE’s, then using js for polyfils can be of help.

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