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Some effective ways to promote a website:


With millions of website on the internet, how does one cost effectively promote their own brand?? Well, if you continue reading this article, you will realise that one doesn’t need to spend large amounts of moolah to get your site at a top ranking on various search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Using Buzz words or Key words:

This is one of the most successful ways to promote a website. To improve the traffic and get a high conversation rate, it’s important to target niche markets and use keywords and mega tags on your site. This helps various search engines identify your site and exactly what it caters to.

Pay per click Ads, Google and Yahoo ad words search marketing:

Search Engine marketing is all about capitalizing the power to pay per click advertising. It helps generate cost effective and targeted traffic for any website. One would need to create an account and include plenty of keywords pertaining to your site.  This can be a good marketing tool if used correctly.

Media Releases:

Press or news releases is a good way to promote a website or business. Constantly keep updating your site with latest information or send out newsletters to users. This will assist in reminding your users about the website and generate regular traffic on your site.

Business or Article Directories:

People more often than not search for specific articles in various directories and follow links probably at the bottom of the page.

Social Networking Sites and Forums:

Forums and Social Networking Sites ( E.g. Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, Myspace etc) are a good way to promote your website. However it’s essential to actively contribute to these forums and not spam them with links. Build interest by creating informative and smart posts regularly. This will persuade users to build interest about the site.

Baiting Links:

Writing articles or content which has a possibility of getting blogged, linked or bookmarked is another effective way to promote your site. A well written content with videos is a good way for link baiting.

Paid Reviews:

Getting a sponsored or paid review is another way to enhance the traffic on your site. This will get backlinks and RSS subscribers. Market researchers have stated sponsored reviews is as effective as word of mouth publicity. It can cost as low as $5 per review.

Banner Ad Sales:

A simple way to go about this is by approaching blogs or websites which are similar to your site and contact them regarding exchanging banners. These can be structured at a weekly or monthly fee. It creates good visibility and brand or product awareness for visitors.
The above mentioned tips are some ways you can promote your site in various ways.


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