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Some Errors which lead to bad website designs

Ever wonder why a perfectly good website bombs and turns out to be a low ranking site on major search engines???
 As you read further, you will realise that you may have overlooked some grave errors while designing your website. Mentioned below are some examples of how companies end up with mediocre websites contrary to the one they initially conceptualized.

Website Lacks Character
Your homepage is your trump card and your sites first impression should be lasting for visitors. Web users usually arrive at a website to gain detailed and specific information and if your site lacks this main objective, then users are most likely to move on to the next website listed on Search Engines.  A website which ignores what the target users want and include irrelevant content, even though the images are top-class, is the first step towards disaster. So remember to keep things simple on your home page, Prioritize information and display links appropriately, so that it’s easy for visitors to navigate through the entire site without losing focus.

Cross Browser Compatibility
This is of utmost importance while designing a website, web developers need to make your website cross browsers compatible. There are millions of users on the internet and they don’t necessarily use the same browser to check various websites. So in order to get consistent results on popular browsers, your website needs to follow W3C standards and should be clean coded. Make sure that SEO keywords are used appropriately enhancing your website ranking and not destroying the content.

Perplexed Navigation
Major design errors revolve around Links, which ought to be uncomplicated and descriptive in their headings and function correctly. Always make it a point to distinguish the content on your page between Text and Link. Links need to be unified so that each link is accessible and presented in the same style. Worse cases are when links are strayed and do not give users access back to the home page or God forbid, take them to some other website. Broken links and 404 Errors pages make the website look tacky and unprofessional.

Outdated Technology
Unfortunately many websites do not operate on the newest Content Management and this in turn creates restrictions and issues on your website will forever remain unresolved. Improvements on the site cannot be worked upon and if these are not quickly and easily fixed then all you end up with is increased backlog of improvements. This can only be transformed once you have moved on to a new CMS or platform. Modern technology may require you to cough up some more dough but in the long run, it’s the success of your website which will be the ultimate return for your investment.

Text vs. Images
Good text content is aesthetically as important as images on any website. However, many choose to ignore this and fill up their pages with irrelevant pictures. This is one of the most common errors companies make. “Typography” is an important element and one needs to choose a font that’s easily readable. Colour schemes need to compliment the overall look of the website. Images should be resized and compressed so that your visitors don’t have to wait too long for it to upload. Always keep in mind to constantly update your site with latest information.

Cost Factor
Some website developers charge a fortune however your site doesn’t necessarily need to cost you an arm or a foot. Agreed that its expensive to create a website but if your purse string is too tight, then you can’t complain of the end result, which inevitably will be a run of the mill website. A wise investment is required to make your site top notch and a website developing team which understands the same objectives as you do. A great partnership is essential between the client and the developers to make a successful website.

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