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Tips on writing an effective creative brief for a website:

A creative brief is an important aspect of any designing project for a website, as it focuses on the outcome and goal of the design project. This is mainly for a web designer rather than the developer. As a client it’s imperative that you clearly state your expectations and achieve a superior quality of design as per your requirements. Many prefer to ask their web designers to create a brief to check if they have understood your objectives and are on the same page as you are where the look of the website is concerned. A creative brief is the main document for reference and facilitates the development of the project plan.

Some important tips to keep in mind while making a creative brief are:

Objective of the website:

This should plainly define the ultimate criteria of the website. It also defines the vision of your business.

User Selling Proposition:

This should talk about differentiating your website than the other competitors in the business. The target should get users enticed and gain maximum information from the site.

Brand Personality:

It’s necessary to know how to promote the brand and preferable if you have already done a market research or collated enough suggestions or feedback from your target audience. This will avoid creating a run of the mill website or brand.

Content and Design:

Texts and images are the most important facets of the website. Mention if there is a dedicated resource who will work with the images and copy writing of the site. Specifications need to be stated clearly.

Money Money Money

This probably is the most crucial element of a creative brief. A fixed budget will help you determine the quantity and quality of work expected. Its wise to have a buffer as more often than not the price quoted may increase by the time the website is complete.

Time Frame:

Set a realistic timeline for the completion of the project. Do not over promise and under deliver. The factors which need to be considered are concept development, delivery and production and overall consultation.

In conclusion,a ready template with key points is a professional way to approach, however keeping in mind that each project is unique and different and a creative brief should not be a copy paste task.

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