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Tips to get recruited in the Web Industry

In order to get hired in the Web Industry, one needs to be a subject matter expert in their specific domain. As there are lots of candidates to choose from and you can better your chances of getting picked for the right position in the right company by following some basic pointers mentioned below:

Ideal Resume:

Your resume is your faceless introduction; it should highlight your credentials and achievements clearly. Be specific about your objectives and what you bring to the table. Interviewers always need to know how you can add value to their existing team. Mention all the projects that you were actively involved in. Focus on tasks which are relevant to the position you have applied for.

Be a salesperson:

You need to sound convincing enough to the interviewer that you are perfect for the specific position. Give them something new or innovative that you have done in the past and how your particular skills will enhance their department’s efficiency and productivity. For e.g. If you are a web developer or designer, emphasis on the various programming languages or creative designing done by you, which made the clients really happy.

Be well aware:

As a candidate, it’s imperative that you know all the different and common terminology used by your industry folks. Don’t look stumped if someone asks you what PSD or HTML projects you have worked on. Be informed about the latest technology and versions used.

Give References:

This is extremely crucial as interviewers needs to see examples of your previous projects. You can’t be vague or ambiguous about your past work. To determine whether you fit the bill, provide specific URLs and Links, so that they get a fair idea of what you have done. It’s preferred if you carry a portfolio and can leave some samples behind.

Research and more:

Another important aspect is to research or have adequate knowledge about the company you have applied to. Nothing disappoints interviewers more than to have to speak to someone who knows nothing about what kind of business they are in. If asked for any suggestions mention any improvements required or compliment some projects that you noticed.


It’s advisable to fully understand what your job profile will be like in the company. Ask questions pertaining to your position. This 2 way conversation should display your confidence and professionalism and the fact that you are not some desperate candidate who will take whatever comes his or her way.

Follow up call or email:

Post the interview, make a call or send an email, appreciating the fact that you were short-listed for the position and reiterate your skill set for the position and the value add you will bring to the team if chosen.

All in all, be confident, conversational, calm and am sure you will be able to tip the scale in your favour.

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