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Tips to get traffic to your e-commerce website

Today is the world of online sales. We have developed many e-commerce solutions, be it custom e-commerce solutions or open source solutions like prestashop or magento.
One of the greatest challenges with ecommerce website is to build a strong link building strategy and to drive traffic to your website.

1.) Creating creative category pages
Category pages are one of the important pages. This is because it is these pages will be ranking for key head and mid-tail terms.

2.) Using Google Products

It is a free comparison site. You can submit your products to Google product search for free. This allows shoppers to quickly find your site. Depending on your item’s relevance, your products can appear on google product search.

3.) Using Google Adwords
This is the most popular pay-per-click platform in the world. With the help of google adwords, you can target end users on the basis of country and keyword. Also google has good network of website as publishers and advertisers. You get advantage of this network when you use google adwords.

4.) Search engine friendly features
Search engine friendly features like including title and header tags. Using good and relevant meta tags. Also have good and quality content on your website. Keep your content updated.
These simple features play a very important role in driving traffic to your website.

5.) Comparison Website
Most of the e-commerce users prefer to compare their products before purchasing. You can register your products in comparison websites. Some of the website include BizRate, ShopLocal, NextTag.

6.) Pretty Pictures
Using pretty pictures might not drive traffic to your website directly. But it sure does play an important role when it comes to buying products from your website. People would prefer purchasing products from your website if you they get a clear view of the product they wish to buy.

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